TRx Massage


TRx Massage is a unique massage experience. After nearly two decades of creating Therapeutic Topicals along with obtaining CMT licenses through extensive training and continual education of bodywork-and with your well being in mind - This is not an ordinary cookie-cutter spa experience. 


Theresa became interested in the human endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic qualities of cannabinoids in 2002 after graduating from high school and began making infused topicals for friends and family and people in the surrounding neighborhood. 


Ploy moved to the US after completing her Master’s degree program in Bangkok and decided to go to school for Massage Therapy, something she had completed training for in Thailand already. 


Ploy and Theresa met in 2017 at San Francisco School of Massage and decided to open an office together, with a variety of experience, both having worked in Thai spas, chiropractic establishments, gyms, and multiple 5 Star Spas and high end hotels in down town SF.  Also continuing their education by attending workshops such as David Weinstocks NKT courses and cadaver courses alongside medical students. 


60 minutes is good if you have one specific area of focus or full body relaxing Swedish

60 Minute
60 Minute


90 minutes is recommend for a more detailed focus or full body session

90 Minute




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