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TRx Massage


TRxMassage is a unique massage experience. After two decades of creating Therapeutic Topicals and 5+ years experience working with Chiropractors, PTs, and other health professionals, continual education, and with your well being in mind - This is not an ordinary cookie-cutter Massage Therapy experience. 

Who should visit TRxMassage? Our services are for ANY BODY who feels the need to get a great massage!

We work closely with Chiropractors, PTs and other healthcare and holistic professionals and have found our services greatly increase the efficiency of our clients' programs.

Not currently seeing a Chiro, PT, etc? No problem! Maybe you just want an hour or 90 min to yourself to take a break and to maintain, or preventative care. We love to see it!


With 20 years of education and experience that began when Theresa took an interest in exploring the natural healing properties of plants and their impact on the human body, she started making infused topicals for friends, family, and local residents. This journey sparked her fascination with the intricacies of human anatomy, ultimately driving her to pursue licensure in Massage Therapy.


Ploy moved to the US after completing her Master’s degree program in Bangkok and decided to go to school for Massage Therapy, something she had completed training for in Thailand already. 


Ploy and Theresa met in 2017 at San Francisco School of Massage and decided to open an office together, with a variety of experience, having worked in Thai spas, European Spas, Chiropractic and PT offices, gyms, and multiple high end hotels in downtown SF.


Ploy and Theresa remain passionate and curious and continue their education by attending classes and workshops designed for manual therapists and healthcare professionals.

60 Minute
60 Minute


90 Minute




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